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Youth Monitor Consultant (St.Maarten programme)



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Terms of Reference

Consultancy for a Research and Data Management Assistant to support the implementation of a Youth Monitor in Sint Maarten (Dutch side).


The Dutch National Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF the Netherlands), and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (MECYS) are partners on an initiative for Sint Maarten called the ‘Child Resilience and Protection Project’ (CRPP). The project is a multi-faceted approach to building child resilience and strengthening the systems and institutions for child protection. The project is funded by the Sint Maarten Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience Trust Fund, managed by the World Bank. A critical activity of this CRPP is the development of a Sint Maarten Youth Monitor.

When operationalized the proposed youth monitor will facilitate an integrated and evidence-based approach to youth development in Sint Maarten. It will provide a structured framework for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of reliable and up-to-date data on several aspects of youth development, including employment and economic participation, education and training, health and wellbeing, social inclusion and youth participation, culture, and identity, among other vital youth-specific data. The data to populate the monitor will be collected through both primary and secondary data sources. The youth monitor and will also facilitate periodic assessments about the status and future direction of Sint Maarten’s youth population. The data collected for the youth monitor will assist decision-makers at all levels of national development to develop youth policies or better evaluate the potential effects of public policy changes on the youth population. Once operationalized the suitably qualified and duly authorized person will be assigned the tasks of data management.  

The Assignment

A youth monitor concept note has been developed to guide the development and implementation of the youth monitor project. It includes the identification of several domains, and related indicators, including demographics; Education and Training; Employment and Economic Participation; Health and Well-being; Crime and Justice; Social Inclusion; Culture and Identity; Participation; and Volunteerism. The concept note proposes a phased implementation approach and itemises some key next steps for actualization of the youth monitor instrument. Additionally, several aspects of youth livelihoods, youth socialization, and youth civic participation are not monitored systematically, creating a dearth in credible data in those critical aspects of sustainable development.

The Government of Sint Maarten has therefore requested technical assistance from UNICEF the Netherlands to support the operationalization of the Sint Maarten Youth Monitor, specifically to:

1.     Conduct a mapping of all possible sources of youth specific data.

2.     Collect and collate youth specific data from primary and secondary sources, relevant to the domains and indicators outlined in the youth monitor concept note. The data that needs to be collected are listed in Annex 1.

3.     Develop a strategy for the operationalization and sustainability of the Youth Monitor.

4.     Develop and implement a stakeholder engagement strategy.

5.     Develop and implement a communications strategy.

6.     Facilitate a phased operationalization of the Youth Monitor, ensuring the first phase is fully implemented by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

The Dutch National Committee for UNICEF is therefore seeking to engage a suitably qualified consultant on a short-term basis to carry out the work as described above and specified in below deliverables. The selected consultant will work collaboratively with and under supervision of the Department of Youth in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sport of Sint Maarten. The period of engagement shall not exceed sixty (60) days, during the period of November 1st 2022 to February 28th 2023.


1) Inception report and workplan (15% of amount contract)

The inception report shall be at least 2-3 pages. The workplan shall present:

(i) the identified indicators based on the list of domains; (ii) the data that needs to be collected on an annual basis (Youth Monitor); (iii) the data collection and management methods; (iv) key stakeholders to consult on a regular basis; (v) timeline for the data collection; (vi) timeline for drafting input for the report to the MECYS; (vii) draft procedures/processes for the collection of data, analysis and storage of data (including data management/confidentiality aspects); (vii) draft MoU with the different departments and divisions within the Ministries and external youth stakeholders for the collection of data. Deliverable 5 days after commencement.

2) List of relevant literature and studies (15% of amount contract)

Deliver a list of information sources (reports, studies) that have been collected and reviewed.

3) Report with child rights data (20% of amount contract - see Annex 1)

Based on the workplan and data collection method, collect data from ministries, statistics bureau, non-governmental organisations, and key informants through interviews. Wherever the required secondary data is not available or accessible, advise on a strategy to collect such data. Deliver written text in English as per the format and other specific requirements indicated by the Department of Youth that analyses the youth development situation on Sint Maarten.

4) Develop a Youth Monitor(40% of amount contract)

Develop standard indicators for the Youth Monitor in line with the Child Rights Convention and the Integrated Youth Policy Plan, develop a methodology and process to collect data from the various government and non-governmental entities, suggest a feasible and contextualized mechanism to collect and store data, develop a format for the Youth Monitor, a work instruction and timeline for annual issues of the Youth Monitor, and advise on a steering group or executive body to manage the compilation of the Youth Monitor.

5) Collect detailed information on existing youth development service providers into a database owned by the Department of Youth (10% of contract amount)


•     Advanced university degree in child or youth development studies, social policy, sociology, psychology, human rights, social sciences, or related field.

•     Demonstrated experience in academic research and publications.

•     Demonstrated experience in data collection/management in youth development, social work, etc

•     Ability to plan and execute work independently.

•     Excellent command of English as well as Dutch at academic level, both in written and oral communication.

•     Knowledge of Sint Maarten society, governance, and government administration and development landscape will be an asset.

A reference check is part of the procedure. The successful candidate will be offered a consultancy contract with The Dutch National Committee for UNICEF.

Administrative arrangements

The consultant will report to Mr. Henry Charles of the St, Maarten project team at The Dutch National Committee for UNICEF.

The Dutch National Committee for UNICEF covers the payment by bank transfer and as per the payment schedule indicated above.

How to apply

Please submit your CV and motivation letter as well as information on your daily fee, via our online application button by 10 October 2022 COB EST time.

For any questions, you may write to the Project Manager, Freddy Austli,

See here the Annex 1. Data collection for the Youth Monitor here of the Terms of Reference as you open the PDF.